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Rafael Garcia-Mata, PhD, Associate Professor



Silvia Goicoechea, PhD, Research Assistant Professor

Silvia has a long standing interest in the function of invadopodia and their role during cell invasion and metastasis


Gabriel Kreider-Letterman, PhD Student

Gabe works in characterizing the role of RhoGAPs in cell migration and invasion


Agustin Rabino, PhD Student

Agustin started in the Fall of 2019 and is working on the role of SGEF and the Scribble complex in epithelial cell junctions


Maddie Lovejoy, PhD Student

Maddie started in the Fall of 2020 and is working on the role of RhoG in the regulation of FA turnover


Fatimah Aftab, Undergraduate Researcher

Fatimah's work focuses on the role of RhoG during invadopodia formation

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Past Lab Members

Sahezeel Awadia, PhD

Currently a potstdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan

Ashtyn Zinn, PhD

Ashtyn is currently working at the FDA

Kyle Snyder, MSc

Kyle graduated in May 2016

Jihad Aoun

Jihad is currently pursuing a MSc degree in Public Health on his way to medical school

Abel Castillo

Abel is currently in medical school at the University of Toledo

Caroline Kraft

Caroline is now a medical student at the University of Toledo

Kylie Ferguson

Kylie just left to take a semester in England

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